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Better Bridleways for Essex

Essex needs more bridleways and now is the time to spread the word amongst the riding community and beyond. Bridleways mean freedom for all and our main campaign continues to be for Better Bridleways for Essex and we hope you will work with us to highlight the need for more safe off road routes for horse riders that can also be used by all those that love and enjoy our beautiful countryside.

EBA is being proactive and we hope you will all join us to do what you can to spread the word and give us a greater voice to make change happen.

Last year we made our voices heard by those who can influence change and we are definitely seeing an impact in our work. we will continue to campaign for better bridleways in our fast growing county and we are working closely with other organisations such as the BHS to get our voices heard and improve the availability of safe open spaces and bridleways for riders in Essex

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For the Evidence of Use Form which is required by Essex County Council follow this link to download the document:

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