Better Bridleways for Essex

We are campaigning for more off road hacking for riders in Essex. As our county gets busier with more housing developments and busier roads we are campaigning for more safe routes for horse riders. This will also provide safer routes for walkers and cyclists too. 

What it is?

Essex Bridleways Association will continue to campaign for safer off road riding and we will  reach out to riders as well as cyclists and walkers and anyone who enjoys getting out in the countryside. We want to encourage people to get their voices heard. 

How are we doing it?

We have developed a number of resources to help our members to get active. On the 8th June 2017 we submitted a petition to Essex County Council,. Many thanks to everyone who turned out for this event which was highly successful in terms of raising awareness.  Many thanks also to everyone who completed our survey on the website. There is also  a fact sheet on the main arguments for better bridleways and information on how to complain to your local councillor or MP

In 2018 we are continuing to lobby local and county wide politicians and decision makers to ensure our voices are heard and we will be investing in a projects officer to bid for grants and funds to support our work

What do we want people to do to help?

It’s time to speak out and be heard. we will continue to campaign for better bridleways in Essex and we will continue to work closely with organisations who have a similar interest to us. 

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