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This website gives you access to ECC’s interactive map of public rights of way.  Click here to view  It shows the latest updates to the map and gives path numbers.  To view public rights of way on the map, under “map categories” in the left hand panel, click on “assets”, then tick the box against “rights of way”; they will now all show on the map.  You can search the map by various methods including postcode and parish name, or just by zooming in to the area you want to look at.  Left clicking on a path brings up an information box which will tell you the parish and the path number, and its classification (footpath, bridleway, byway).

Use this ECC website to report a problem with any bridleway, byway or restricted byway.  All these rights of of way are technically Highways. Click here to view

For specific help on how to report problems with Rights of Way, click here

For information about vegetation cutting on Rights of Way and to see a map of which Rights of Way are included in the cutting programme, click here.


Lots of really useful information. Find out more by Clicking here 

INFORMATION ABOUT BRIDLEWAYS Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust website has a wealth of information about how to create bridleways etc. Once into the website click on the words PG OBJECTS WELCOME in the black line near the top of the page. I can guarantee that you will find lots of very interesting info here  Click here to view

DEFRA This website shows permissive rights of way. However under new DEFRA policy all permissive routes will cease when the existing agreements expire. Click here to view

ORDNANCE SURVEY - Need a map of the area you ride? Then go to the Ordnance Survey website Click here to view.
Your Parish Council will also hold a copy of the definitive map which will show bridleways and byways that you can ride on.

NATURAL ENGLAND - This website gives guidance and information about definitive maps – the legal record of public rights of way – and the ways in which both those maps and individual rights of way can be changed. Click here to view

IPROW Information on Public Rights of Way - all your questions answered Click here to view

OLD MAPS - These are useful  for researching information about historic routes. These websites offer the opportunity to look at old maps online or print sections off.

BHS Leaflets Click here to view

Public weighbridges in Essex

Do you tow a trailer or drive a horsebox?  You may be surprised at the total if you add up the weight of the horse, tack, haynet, water, gas bottle, fuel, all the other kit you carry around, and of course yourself and any passengers.  If you want to know the weight of the vehicle and check you are travelling legally and are not overloaded, there are public weighbridges in Essex that you can use.  Click here to view a list current at October 2016

South Essex Insurance Brokers Click here to view

East Anglian Distance riders Click here to view

Hatfield Forest - National Trust Click here to view

Hatfield Forest Riding Association Click here to view

Epping Forest Riders Association - Click here to view

Ashfields Carriage and Polo Club Click here to view

Horsedates - Click here to view

Holkham Beach - Whitehall Farm Norfolk    Click here to view

Thetford Forest - Little Lodge Farm Click here to view

John Griffin Trailer Training specialise in trailer training and towing, offering professional driver training.Click here to view  EBA members receive a 10% discount.