Thames Chase Community Forest Permissive Riding Routes


We have received a message from Forestry England pointing out that they have noticed that  some riders are not sticking to the permitted routes and riding across the whole site and through woodland trails, We have been asked to remind all riders using these routes  that they must remain on the permitted routes and not to ride on the wider site.  The permitted riding routes are shown on the attached leaflets for Tylers Wood, Pages Wood and Harolds Court Woods and marked by yellow dots.  Only these trails are riding routes.  The pink dots indicate pedestrian only trails.  There is also a published code for Riders as follows: Walk and Trot only on the riding routes, no cantering or galloping and no riding on pink dotted trails.  Please observe these rules otherwise there is a risk that the permitted rights could be withdrawn and it is really important to keep the trails available for use by horse riders.

Leaflets showing the trails can be shown by following the links below:

/generaldocuments/Thames Chase Forest Centre.pdf

/generaldocuments/Harolds Court Woods.pdf

/generaldocuments/Pages Wood.pdf

/generaldocuments/Tylers Wood.pdf