COVID Update June 2020


Message from Our Chair 17/06/2020

I promised to keep you up to date with regards EBA’s future plans. 

We are starting to consider resuming our rides albeit a different schedule to that which was arranged at the start of the year. There is much to consider to ensure the safety of our riders, marshals and hosts.  The whole process from parking, checking in, first aid, marshals, etc will need to be revised. We will need to consult with landowners and consider the volume of usage on PROW. We have always prided ourselves on running a safe event that everyone can enjoy and safety is paramount. Corona Virus is justanother issue that we will overcome in time.

We are tentatively looking to run a ride at the end of July but this will all depend on finding a suitable venue. I am sorry I cannot be more specific at this time. I know you will support our decision and I assure you I will keep you advised as the situation changes. These are extraordinary times but we hope that some resolution will be found soon.

I hope that you and those dear to you are keeping safe and well .

Best Wishes