Westminster Debate Act by 8/7/2019


If you want more off road access for horses riders then act before 8/7/19!
On 9th July 2019 9.30 – 11.00am Westminster will be debating the ‘Active travel and local walking and cycling infrastructure plans’. Currently this DOES NOT INCLUDE HORSE RIDING.
Horse Access Campaign UK has written to Robert Courts MP and Stephen Morgan MP who have initiated the debate to ask through the debate that the Government positively includes horse riders and carriage drivers in its Active Travel strategy and policies. Please add your support by lobbying your MP before the 8/7/19 deadline. 
This is very easy to do and will only take you a few minutes.  See example letter below but please change it a bit, personalise it, mention Essex, roads are busier, financial benefit that horse riders make to local businesses such as farriers, feed merchants etc.etc. Come on be imaginative.

To email your MP go to –   https://www.writetothem.com/  remember to include your name, address and phone number.
Dear xxx

I am writing to ask you please to attend the Westminster Hall Debate on ‘Active travel and local walking and cycling infrastructure plans’ on 9th July at 9.30am and speak up for the inclusion of local horse riders and carriage drivers. We are active travellers too!

Active travel Should not be limited to cycling and walking. Active travel is primarily defined as making journeys by walking, cycling and scooting. It can also include horse-riding (and even running and non-motorised water-based transport.)
It is an approach to travel and transport that focuses on physical activity as opposed to motorised means.

Over the last year many members of parliament have debated road safety issues affecting horse riders and carriage drivers. Horse riders and carriage drivers are often excluded unnecessarily from off road routes such as cycle tracks, other purpose built paths and open space because we are not recognised as active travellers. Yet horses, cyclists and walkers share thousands of miles of bridleways, byways and single track road where incidents or conflict is rare. Horses are used for transport, to visit friends, take children to school and to access the countryside and other open space, keeping us active and healthy long into old age.

Lack of inclusion in safe routes risks the lives of 2.9 million horse riders and 500,000 carriage drivers (which includes women, children and the disabled).

Please ask the Government to include horses and carriage drivers in active travel plans, policies, strategies and funding.

Thank you