Basildon - Southway Bridleway Claim

Riders your help is needed!

You may know that the right to ride or cycle Southway is now about to be made illegal. Southway is in Basildon, it forms part of the Langdon Hills country park and wildlife areas. The proposed route links Staneway to Dry Street.

Despite a claim made by Essex Bridleway Association, Essex County Council intends to record the route only as a footpath which will eventually make further use by horse riders and cyclists contrary to the law. The last opportunity to challenge this decision is only currently possible for a short time now.

It is necessary that all persons who have used the route prior to 2004 and particularly in the period prior to 1971 object to the County Council’s Order.

Also, please contact Jan Arthur if you cycled or rode this route especially if you did so before 1971, or of you know anyone who did, as we need evidence of the use of this route before then for the public enquiry which will be held within the next six months.

Jan Arthur

Basildon Representative